Crosby, Nachiappan, Pattanayak, Verma & Kalyanaraman (June, 2016). Blockchain Technology: Beyond Bitcoin. Applied Innovation Review. Issue No. 2. Pantas and Ting Sutardja Center for Entrepeneurship & Technology. Berkeley Engineering. UC Berkeley.

Available at: Blockchain Technology: Beyond Bitcoin (2016), Crosby, Nachiappan, Pattanayak, Verma & Kalyanaraman.

Michael Crosby (Google), Nachiappan (Yahoo), Pradan Pattanayak (Yahoo), Sanjeev Verma (Samsung Research America), and Vignesh Kalyanaraman (Fairchild Semiconductor), in this 2016 piece write about blockchain technology as a tool with the capacity to revolutionize our digital world, by opening the door for developing a democratic open and scalable digital economy from a centralized one. According to the authors, while bitcoin itself is highly controversial, the underlying blockchain technology has worked flawlessly and has proven to be able to found a wide range of applications, both in financial and non-financial world.